Get to know Kotlin within a few afternoons or some subway rides and start creating your own apps.

For Java professionals

Find out why Kotlin is "the better Java"!

Straight to the point

With Kotlin Compact Java developers get to know Kotlin in no time.

  • Data classes
  • String interpolation
  • Higher order functions
  • Null safety
  • ...and much more!

Code examples

Plenty of code examples demonstrate the differences between Java and Kotlin for an easy introduction.

About the book

"Kotlin Compact" is for all Java professionals who want to get into Kotlin development with minimal time and effort.

In compact chapters, concentrating on the essentials, you'll get to know Kotlin within a few afternoons or some subway rides.

As the title suggests, "Kotlin Compact" is not explicitly an all-encompassing work on Kotlin. Rather, I focus on the necessary foundations and best features Kotlin has to offer, and which I find to be most valuable when getting started with Kotlin development.

About the author

My name is Thorsten Schleinzer, I am a graduate in Media Information Technology and have been a professional software developer and architect for over 20 years.

For a long time I have been working intensively with different programming languages.I started with BASIC, got to C/C++ via Pascal/Delphi & Assembler and finally arrived at Java. Although I've been developing with Java since its version 1.2, I've been working with or am still using several other languages: C#, PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, Ruby, Dart, Lua, Scala, and a few more. But it was only with Kotlin that a new language was able to fully delight me and convince me of a change.